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Welcome to Chios!

Get to know an outstanding Greek island in this corner of the eastern Aegean Sea.Its history dates back to past centuries.The archaeological findings of the prehistoric era that decorate the Archaeological museum of Chios, the relics of the ancient temples, the medieval villages at the southern part of the island, the Byzantine and post Byzantine churches, the monasteries, the Muslim church at the centre of town as well as the well-known Kampos in Chios with the Genovese architecture manors indicate the sophisticated and peculiar character of the island.
The combination of the blue of the Aegean sea with the green of the fields in Kampos create a harmony that triggers the visitor to keep on wandering around in an attempt to find out more about the place. The choices are innumerable and exctiting!


Thera are a lot of beaches suitable for swimming. The most famous one is Karfas beach,(a sandy beach maybe the most cosmopolitan one on the island.)There are more, like Agia Fotini, Black Stones,(since the beach is entirely covered with black stones,) But most of all what will make your visit to Chios really special is the great number of remote beaches mainly on the west and north part of the island (Elida, Tigani,Keramos and so on,) where you will have the chance to relax and unwind. Of course your visit to the island is always accompanied by a stroll along the picturesque villages where you can taste the traditional recipes.
Chios is reputed for its cuisine as well as its homemade sweets.

Mastic villages

In the southern part of the island you will see the villages that mastic (the so called ‘skini’ grow. You will have the chance to be aware of the process of the production of mastic, you will get to know its use and its beneficial effects on the human body,Chios is privileged to be the only place in the world that produces mastic since mastic bushes grow and thrive only on the southern part of this island.If you happen to be in Chios in spring you will certainly admire the well-known wild tulips locally called’lalades’ that are all red giving the fields a sight of a red sea.


How to reach the island:

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